Mobile application – Hybrid and Native using IBM tool

The hybrid mobile app has become a major factor in mobile app development. By enabling developers to use web technologies (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) to target multiple mobile platforms from a single code base, rather than writing native code (Objective-C, Swift, Java, C#) for each platform separately, hybrid mobile apps can significantly reduce the time and cost of mobile app development.


To make a hybrid application using IBM Worklight Click Here

Cloud Computing and its future scope

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about IT trends today. This is because of the fact that cloud computing has helped several enterprises to save money while adding to the convenience of the users.  The word Cloud’ refers to the widespread internet, which means Cloud Computing is an internet based computing where services are delivered to the users via internet.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data is everywhere and there is almost an urgent need to collect and preserve whatever data is being generated, for the fear of missing out on something important. There is a huge amount of data floating around. What we do with it is all that matters right now. This is why Big Data Analytics is in the frontiers of IT. Big Data Analytics has become crucial as it aids in improving business, decision makings and providing the biggest edge over the competitors. This applies for organizations as well as professionals in the Analytics domain. For professionals, who are skilled in Big Data Analytics, there is an ocean of opportunities out there.

IOT -Internet Of Things

The Internet of things is often known as Machine to Machine, Man to Machine, or Machine to Mobile. Smartphones are an important connecting tool acting as a vital instrument in making this new technology a convention. These wireless devices are equipped with all the necessary sensors and network technologies to stay connected with your things. With the IoT, watches, car keys, and even buildings use embedded chips and sensors to form a ubiquitous network.
Watson Internet Of Things Platform is fully Managed ,cloud hosted service that makes it simple to derive value from Internet Of Things(IoT)devices.