3d MAX

1 Easy-to-Use Visualization Capabilities Autodesk 3ds Max Design

– when combined with the Autodesk Civil Visualization Extension (available exclusively to 3ds Max Design and AutoCAD Civil 3D Subscription Customers) – puts easy-to-use visualization capabilities in the hands of civil engineers. Even those with little prior experience with 3ds Max Design can create compelling visualizations that help firms, clients, government agencies, and community stakeholders assess the impact of a civil engineering project on surrounding areas, and see how it will perform in context.

2 Automatic File Linking with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Autodesk 3ds Max Design paired with the Autodesk Civil Visualization Extension provides a direct link between AutoCAD Civil 3D and 3ds Max Design so that visualizations automatically update when design changes are made. As a result, visualization can be much more easily integrated into the design process, and communicating design intent to non-technical stakeholders becomes that much easier.

3 Smoother Approval Process with Key Stakeholders

In a recent CG Architects survey, more than 90% of respondents said they’re more likely to gain community support for a design based on visuals created in 3ds Max Design. This shows the critical role visualization plays in the public outreach process. With the emphasis on infrastructure spend in today’s economy, a smooth approval process with government agencies, public, and other key stakeholders is a necessity.

4 Civil Engineering Specific Materials

The Autodesk Civil Visualization extension includes civil engineering specific materials and content such as road striping, pavement textures, vehicles, and signage to enhance the realism of the visualization

5 Civil Engineering Specific Materials

Simulate the lighting in your designs with confidence. Exposure™ lighting analysis technology has been validated (www.autodesk.com/nrc-exposure) by the National Research Council Canada (NRC), Canada’s leading organization for scientific research and development, and the same organization that has conducted validation studies on Radiance for lighting simulation (www.autodesk.com/nrc-radiance). A feature unique to 3ds Max Design, Exposure enables you to understand how sun, sky, and artificial lighting interact with your design and explore direct lighting effects right in the viewport. For example, if you’re designing a road, you can accurately render out how the sun brightness and shadows will impact drivers at certain times of day and then adjust your designs accordingly.


6 Flexible Rendering

Use multiple renderers, tightly integrated through a consistent rendering interface, to help create a wider range of highly realistic or stylized looks. 3ds Max Design offers faster rendering for efficient, production-quality software renders and also integrates the mental ray® renderer — a high-performance rendering engine for generating photorealistic images — with unlimited free network rendering. Moreover, the innovative new Quicksilver hardware accelerated renderer enables you to create higher-fidelity pre-visualizations, animatics and marketing materials at incredible speeds

7 Out-of-the-Box

Productivity Autodesk 3ds Max Design software is a tool-of-choice for leaders in the civil engineering industries who are looking for a comprehensive 3D modeling, rendering, and animation solution that helps produce higher-quality results out of the box.

8 Immediate Feedback

3ds Max Design uses state-of-the-art game technology to help provide you with a higher fidelity preview of your materials and lighting in the viewport prior to rendering. This enables you to make interactive decisions in a context that more closely matches the final output, helping to reduce errors and enhance the creative storytelling process.

9 Partner Technology

Autodesk joins forces with the best and brightest in the industry to spearhead continued innovation, and to make sure that 3ds Max Design software customers have access to a wide and current selection of 3D software and hardware. With thousands of commercial and freeware plug-ins available for 3ds Max Design, a new world of specialized functionality is available to help meet your specific production needs.

10 Industry Standard

3ds Max software has long been a preferred choice for advanced visualization. 3ds Max Design with the Autodesk Civil Visualization Extension builds on this legacy by providing a more tailored, easy-to-use experience for civil engineers. Used worldwide by professionals and students, 3ds Max Design enjoys a strong, vibrant community and a vast global pool of trained talent. Whether you are a civil engineer looking to add visualization to your skill set, or a student preparing for your first job interview, you’ll benefit from the wealth of experience that results from the software’s position as an industry-leading tool for visualization.