CNC Programming


Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

 Numerical control

 Functions of a machine tool

 Concept of numerical control

 Historical Development

 Definition

 Advantages of CNC machine tools

 Evolution of CNC

 Advantages of CNC

 Limitations of CNC

 Features of CNC

 The Machine Control Unit (MCU) for CNC

 Classification of CNC Machine Tools


 Classification

 Features Of CNC Machining Centers


Conventional milling Awareness

 Introduction to milling machine & its parts.

 Different operations of milling.

Plain milling

Step milling

Slot malling

Pocket milling

Co-ordinate drilling

Job setting in vice by dialing

Job setting on bed with clamps

 Knowledge of different cutting tool materials used

 Selecting speed feeds & depth of cut

 Indexing(simple & compounding)


CNC Milling- Basic

 Fundamentals of CNC milling

 Familiarization of control panel

 Fundamentals of CNC programming

 Part programming techniques

 Machining practice on CNC Milling

 Practice session at Industry


CNC Turning.

 Work piece setting methods

 Tool setting methods

 Practice on CNC Turning.

 Exercises on machine & Practice.