Q. What is your business?
A. We are a development firm started in the year 2000 in USA,in India we started our operations in the year 2008.

Q. What type of work you do?
A. We have several division

Development of Web application, Mobile application, cloud application and test mobile and web application using automation tools.

we are partner with IBM since 2008 in career education program, started with an objective to train students on the emerging and on demand technologies using the software s which are available or used in MNCs.
We deliver real time project training to students on IBM, Oracle, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft technologies.

A job portal for our students and job seeker by the name trijobs to accommodate candidates to corporate and assist students in getting a placement update sitting at different location.

Q. Do candidates come for training work on real time

A. Yes, we exposed students to real time project so that they can easily make out solution for real time problem arises while putting the project live and assisting client in
altering the requisite tools.

Q. Do you guide student in terms of selecting the technology?
A. Yes, with no charges. We always suggest and counsel students asking some basic question to know their
interest and draft a tailor made program for them for getting a placement to going for higher studies.

Q. Do you conduct mock test or assessment test?
A. Yes, to know the progress interns of learning it is
important to monitor the output, our professionals pay
heed to every intern/student as the learning capability is
different in everyone therefore, all deserves a different way of teaching and guidance.

Q. Do you provide IBM certificate?
A. yes, if the student has opted for a course offered by IBM
they he becomes eligible for IBM books, software, IBM
project and post successful completion of project a
certificate from IBM.

Q. How much time it takes to get IBM certificate?
A. 20 working days of submission of project by the student.
The project on random basis are evaluated by IBM and post
evaluation they release the certificate.

Q. Is it possible to give a confirmation on paper that I will be
getting a certificate through IBM?
A. Yes, we do provide it.

Q. Can I be hired in your organization?
A. Yes, you can be hired. We monitor the performance of each
student, as per the requirement and the performance we
offer opportunity of working with us with the student.

 Q. How you help in placement?
A. We aid in placement with different ways.

Personality development classes: We deliver personality development sessions by corporate, who share their experience and real time problem come while facing the interview. The session are equipped with Group Discussions, Resume writing tips, questions being asked during interview, major mistakes done by interviewee and email writing etiquette.

 Assurance: We assure placement to those who are regular
and do a sound project

On site and off site interview: We line up interview of
students in our premises and at the premises of
organization. Our job portal named as trijobs also help in

* There is no worry of placement for those who are serious and keep the decorum in class.

Q. Since how long you are into development?
A. Year 2000, we started the development in USA, it was on web application development JEE post that as per the trend and demand we started shifting to cloud, Mobile application development, testing and are doing research over big data.

We get projects through online bidding and by the team deputed at USA.

Q. Are you partner with IBM in PAN India?
A. We are worldwide partner with IBM, we can operate anywhere in the world provided the program is available by IBM for that country.

Q. With whom do I study
A. Trainer pool is being trained and certified by IBM, you can be sure about the quality of delivery.

Q. Types of training you provide?
A. Onsite :                    In premises
    College:                    In College Campus
    Company:                In the premises of organization during
corporate delivery.

Q. Why to choose you?
A. we don’t do false commitments, at the end of session every student praise of us, we commence the session as per the requirement, help the student throughout even if he contacts us after two years of training. We cultivate people.

Q. Do you have college tie ups?
A. Yes, with many colleges.Every year we deliver training on different programs in the colleges/universities.

Q. You have client from only USA?
A. No, as we do online bidding as well, so the chain we have is from different countries including India.