Internet of Things

IoT – Internet of Things

Rapid technical advancement in networks, computing, sensors have led to dramatic reduction in cost, size and power consumption of devices. This led to the rise of smart phones and connected products referred to as Internet of Things.

IoT has completely revolutionized the world – nearly 13 billion things are already connected and it is projected to to be more than double by 2020.

Course Content

  • Evolution of Internet of Things
  • Understanding the building blocks
  • Processing Units
  • Sensors and Actuators
    – Lab : Setting up Raspberry Pi
    Linux Refresher
  • Boot up Session
    – Node.JS
    – Lab: Node Js environment setup
    Playing with REPL Terminal
    Programming in Node.js environment and Raspberry
    Pi Blink
  • Protocols and Software
    – Lab:  MQTT Server Installation
    Familiarity with MQTT Protocol
  • Node RED
    – Lab:   Node RED installation
    familiarity with Node RED and Elements
  • Putting it together – IoT in Action
    – Lab: Bluemix connectivity with IoT
    Deploying Node RED application on Bluemix Cloud
    Inferring from IoT Data – Analytics
  • Deep Dive – IoT in Real world
  • Road Ahead