Mean Stack

Learn all of the different aspects of full stack JavaScript development using the MEAN stack. A full understanding of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js. Throughout this course we’ll show you how to use each of these technologies individually and all together.

Handson with Node.JS

Node.Js First Step
Node.Js require and module support
Node.Js Non Blocking Code
Node.Js using NPM for dependency Management
Node.Js Setting up express to listen for request
Express – routing: defining URL routes and sending response
Express – setting up Express to listen for requests
Express – serving static files
Express – exploring Middleware
Express – using the Express router
Express – using controllers to define functionality
Express – defining dynamic routes with URL parameters
BONUS: Improving MEAN development workflow with Nodemon

Working with MongoDB and No SQL Database
Introduction to NoSQL databases
MongoDB: the basics
MongoDB – Getting started with the Mongo shell
MongoDB – Interacting with data from the command line (Mongo shell)
MongoDB – Importing and exporting data
Mongo DB – Connecting to Node.Js
MongoDB – Connecting to a Node.js application
Querying the database from Node.js
MongoDB – Creating documents from Node.js

Rest API using Mongo DB, Node.Js and Express
Introduction to REST APIs
Using Mongoose to manage MongoDB database connections in Node
APIs – Defining data structure with Mongoose schemas and models
Defining complex data structures with Mongoose schemas
APIs – Creating GET routes using Mongoose queries
APIs – Creating GET routes for subdocuments using Mongoose
APIs – Creating GET routes for subdocuments using Mongoose
APIs – Finding documents based on geo-coordinates
APIs – Error trapping and hardening a REST API
APIs – Creating new documents in MongoDB using Mongoose and POST methods
APIs – Updating existing documents in MongoDB
APIs – Using Mongoose to delete data from MongoDB

Application development with angular JS
AngularJS – Expressions and Data-Binding
AngularJS – Built-in Directives
AngularJS – Built-in Filters
AngularJS – Controllers, $scope and controller
AngularJS – Modules As
AngularJS – Modules
AngularJS – Single Page Apps, Routes, Templates
Built-in Services, Application Architecture
AngularJS – Custom Services, Service vs Factory
AngularJS – Custom Filters
AngularJS – Building the SPA – part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

Authentication – Securing the backend
Authentication – Adding authentication to AngularJS
Authentication – Adding JWT to the application
Authentication – AngularJS and JWT
Authentication – Tying all the pieces together