Fine Dining


It is vital for fine dining restaurants to deliver outstanding and memorable service to their customers. The order process can be quite complex while keeping track of orders per guest and catering towards special customer needs. The proposed software should have features and functionality to manage restaurant fine dining in effective yet simple ways. POS menus
should provide flexibility of booking an order, transferring to a different table or a section of restaurant, taking guest requests
and menu prioritization.
The high level functional requirements for the Fun and Food – Fine Dining are outlined in the Use Case diagram described in
this section.
Fun and Food – Fine Dining  provide a secure user-id/password based secured login mechanism to access its services.
The details of this are not outlined here. The development team is expected to create these keeping in mind the general practices followed by the web applications. Login will be a prerequisite to use Fun and Food application. Internal users will be provided user id/password pair separately.
Once user logs in, they get to see menu options coming from the use case of the role player.