Experiential Learning with Live Projects – Real world challenges

The Experiential Learning Module is designed to provide students with hands-on experience on a wide range of technologies, while working on projects that emanate from real-world business scenarios. It not only helps them familiarize with industry-standard methodologies and technologies in use by distinct industries, but also helps evaluate and identify – from their own personal experience – the role and/ or projects that they are best suited to work on.

Lack of project exposure is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT companies while recruiting new hires. To bridge this gap, the IBM Career Education Program provides an Experiential Learning Module to work on projects based on real-world problems, rather than simulations.

IBM Software and other technologies are widely used in leading organizations across industries today. The Experiential Learning module is designed to familiarize you with the technologies you are most likely to encounter in your career. Through application of knowledge, reflective thinking, hands-on exploration and team interaction, this live work experience will familiarize you with industry-standard methodologies like RUP and IBM Rational Tools and deployment on IBM Middleware.

These courses are aimed at giving you early access to our enterprise applications including Java, DB2 and Rational, to fast-track your career even before it begins. The projects are attuned to guiding principles outlined in the ACM & IEEE Computer Society Task Force Report on Computer Curriculum.